Most of the time, beautifully designed home furnishings are created for a small part of the population - the few who can afford them. From the beginning, IKEA has taken a different path. We have decided to side with the many. That means responding to the home furnishing needs of people throughout the world. People with many different needs, tastes, dreams, aspirations and wallets. People who want to improve their home and create a better everyday life. For IKEA, helping create a better everyday life means offering a wide range of home furnishings in IKEA stores. Home furnishings that combine good design, good function and good quality with prices so low that as many people as possible can afford them. IKEA has started 1973 in Switzerland and until now nine stores are located in: Dietlikon, Lyssach, Pratteln, Spreitenbach, St. Gallen, Rothenburg, Grancia, Aubonne and Vernier.

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UNDADIERTES HANDOUT - SOZIALE UNTERNEHMER IN INDIEN KREIEREN EINE NEUE WOHNZUBEHÖRKOLLEKTION MIT IKEA. STADIGT ist die dritte limitierte Kollektion von Hand hergestellter Produkte, die durch die einzigartige Partnerschaft zwischen IKEA und den sozialen Unternehmen Rangsutra und Industree Producer Transform (Industree PT) in Indien entstanden ist. (PHOTOPRESS/IKEA)