PostFinance Eishockey

PostFinance┬┤s comprehensive range of services is tailored to private customers, associations, companies and public entities. It comprises first-class financial services in the fields of payments, investment, retirement planning and financing. We are also active in areas beyond the world of business. Sponsorship plays an important role at PostFinance. As one of the biggest financial service providers in Switzerland we give something back through our sponsorship commitments by supporting attractive and varied projects in the fields of sport, culture and social affairs (continuing education). In this way we can offer a wide segment of the population unique experiences.

In focus

Severin Blindenbacher, Denis Hollenstein, Eric Blum and Gaetan Haas of Switzerland, from left, cheers after winning the Final of the Arosa Challenge, on Saturday, December 20, 2014, in Arosa, Switzerland. (PHOTOPRESS/Alexandra Wey)